Throughout the Second World War, the United States of America was on overdrive. Patriotism spread like wildfire across the entire nation with all people doing their part to aid the war effort. Pennsylvania included.

Pennsylvania was the leading supplier of coal and steel to the US war effort. Primarily through the Bethlehem Steel manufacturer, Pennsylvania contributed more than one third of the American steel supply, and one fifth of the world's steel. 

Pennsylvania had around 40 military bases on their soil.

The state also contributed more than 900,000 men and women to the American military fighting overseas, including Second Lieutenant Alfred D. Evans Jr.

Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine

A photo of Pennsylvanians manufacturing supplies to aid those fighting in the war.

Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine

Lancaster County advertisement for War Bonds, which were used to financially support the American government and military during the Second World War.

Bethlehem Steel Mill, manufacturing 1.3 Billion dollars of steel orders.

1941 Map of Pennsylvania,

1941 map of Lancaster County, The Library of Congress